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Founded in 2003, with headquarters in Switzerland since 2006, S3Plus Technologies SA (S3Plus) is a Fabless manufacturer, present in the memory and storage products market, as well as in consumer electronics, under the S3+® brand. The company has its roots in the late 90s, from a strong and integrated business idea of a group of professionals who had already developed an extraordinary experience in the production and distribution of memory products. From the combination of skills in design, engineering, production and testing services and the extreme attention in the supply chain, products and services have emerged that have always satisfied the requests and needs of our customers.



Cornerstones in the company’s growth strategy, S3 + ® SSDs ensure faster startups and program execution at blazing speeds. SATA and NVMe S3 + ® SSDs are a great choice for new PCs, servers and system builders.
In 2007 S3 + ® presented its first SSDs at Computex in Taiwan. Today the company is betting on solid state technology, with a constantly growing product portfolio, aimed at satisfying different markets.

USB 2.0 – USB 3.0 – USB 3.x|Type C


S3 + ® USB Flash Drives are a fast and convenient way to save and transport your data. They have fast transfer speeds and enough capacity to store your most important personal files such as photos, videos and data.

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S3+ takes to the track !! As sponsor of the driver Enzo Bedani, first classified in the Formula Delta held in Brazil at the VeloCitta circuit in San Paolo Video...

Samsung announces 512GB DDR5 modules

Samsung announces 512GB DDR5 modules

All memory producers are engaged in the transition from DDR4 to DDR5 and the announcements of follow more and more frequent. Samsung unveiled a 512 GB DDR5 memory module based on an 8-layer TSV structure and HKMG (High-K Metal Gate) material that reduces consumption...

ULTRARAM – The ultimate memory?

ULTRARAM – The ultimate memory?

ULTRARAM ™ is the name of a universal memory developed by the physicists of Lancaster University that wants to merge all the advantages (and no disadvantages) of today's DRAM and NAND in a single solution. The new chips would be able to ensure DRAM performance, 100...