S3+ Technologies SA

Founded in 2003, based in Switzerland since 2006, S3plus Technologies SA (S3plus) is a fabless manufacturer, present in the market of storage and storage products, as well as in consumer electronics, under the brand name S3+®.

S3Plus Technologies SA

Founded in 2003, with headquarters in Switzerland since 2006, S3Plus Technologies SA (S3plus) is a fabless manufacturer, present in the market of memory and storage products, as well as in the electronics of consumption, with the S3 + ® brand. The company has its roots in the late 90s, from a strong and integrated business idea of ​​a group of professionals who had already developed an extraordinary experience in the production and distribution of memory products. From the combination of skills in design, engineering, production and testing services and the extreme attention in the supply chain, products and services have emerged that have always satisfied the requests and needs of our customers.


The results and successes of S3plus are the result of the strategic alliances that the company has been able to create over time with both suppliers and its customers. We have always paid a lot of attention to decisions, big and small, and to the consequences on our products. This philosophy has allowed us to bring to the market products characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio, without ever compromising their quality.


Customer loyalty : high quality and innovation are the promises we offer to consumers and customers. Our task is to always live up to their trust and not disregard the expectations of those who choose S3 + ® . We strive to take into due consideration the suggestions and proposals of our customers and consumers, striving to always take care of their reports.

Focus on the market: we respect our competitors and we know we must never underestimate their work. < / p>

Growth: we consider the continuous transformations of the market an opportunity for growth, and each of the experiences, positive and negative, addressed in recent years, has contributed to the continuous development of the company. We invest part of our profits in researching innovative products and services to meet any emerging needs.

Quality policy: we wish to be considered a company that, thanks to the passion for its product and its work , constantly strives to achieve excellent quality in everything it does. We are committed to providing a value offer to our customers and consumers, respecting the highest standards of quality and safety in all stages of the life of our products: from sourcing to international distribution.


For the selection of suppliers we rely exclusively on criteria of merit, reliability and fair economic conditions. We use objective, impartial and comparable qualification and evaluation parameters, which reward those business partners who carry out their activities in full compliance with the recognized principles of protection of human rights, workers and the environment. To guarantee the quality of S3+® branded products, we undertake to agree with our suppliers how to control supplies and compliance with our standards and the principles we asked them to adhere to. To achieve fast and punctual delivery, S3 + is present with logistics centers in Europe and Miami (serving USA & LATAM).

Why choose S3 + ®

Experience: more than 30 years of experience in the ICT sector to offer the best solutions on the market.

Customer centrality: the Customer and his needs are our priority.

Quality: S3Plus has always stood out for the quality and reliability of its S3 + ® . One of the company’s top priorities is to offer products of the best possible quality at a competitive price.

Warranty: S3Plus offers a lifetime warranty on all its memory modules < strong> S3 + ® , and a multi-year warranty on Flash cards, USB Pen Drives and SSDs.

Corporate values ​​

Innovation: we encourage curiosity and creativity at every level and in every function.

Widespread entrepreneurship: we encourage our collaborators to promote their ideas in the company by translating them, if accepted, into a competitive advantage.

Pursuit of excellence: We challenge ourselves and take personal responsibility for achieving our goals.

Result orientation: you work towards a goal and you have to reach it.

Teamwork: Teamwork is essential for a pleasant, effective and successful environment where everything is greater than the sum of the parts.


S3+ announces a new external SSD, PLAY+, fully compatible with Playstation5.


S3+ announces a DPI series, KN95 and 3 layers masks.


S3+ announces “Dragonheart”, Gaming NVMe SSD with RGB


S3+ announces “Dragonheart”, DDR4 gaming DRAM with RGB.


S3+ announces Zenith, an external SSD fully compatible with Linux, Android, IOS and Windows, with Gaming console as Playstation4 and XBOX.


S3+ announces GDPR PRO, an external SSD with fingerprint identification.


S3+ announces a new complete series of SSD and DRAM.


S3+ announces two new models of “Streetboard”, Streetboard10 and StreetboardT


S3+ announces “Streetboard” an electric overboard with 6.5” wheels.


S3+ announces during EICMA in Milan (Italy) the first Airbag Jacket.


S3+ announces one of the first smart-watch.


S3+ announces announces a Digital Photo Frame.


S3+ announces a complete portfolio of Car Navigators (2,7” – 3,5” – 4,3”).


S3+ announces Gumdrive, one of the first USB Drives with Rubber case and PC Pen Drive, the first Stick PC Linux based.


S3+ announces Infinity SD Card with high speed and Red case color, consolidating a differentiation in a commodity market.


S3+ announces DRAM Memory Module with High-Quality PCB in Red color, introducing a differentiation in a commodity market.