CEO’s annual announcement

Lugano, March 25th 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’m writing you this short letter to resume our last 12 months in S3+:
2018 has begun with a lot of positive sensations and strategic decisions.
We signed several distribution agreements and in March our Italian branch ( Dis3bution S.r.l. ) completed the first year.
We definitely came back into a beautiful country and one of the most important European market.
We cannot neither forget one strategic decision of 2017 to follow back our history, discover our memories and strongly put our effort into Memory Business, Flash, Dram and Storage.
In May we launched our new website in English, Italian, German, Spanish, French and Portuguese; this is the way to open our doors to you, to let you feel always at home, to show you that we really take care and to keep our friends and partners proud to stay with us.
We’re always working hard, that’s why we are achieving these results on biannual comparation: 2016-2017 +40% turnover, 2017-2018 +12% and we plan +25% for 2018-2019
A complete portfolio of Consumer and Gaming products, strong and aggressive strategies to increase our market share, B2B as retailers, S3+ brand recognition is still one of our priority.
From 2003, foundation year, S3+ is continuously improving the company know-how, developing the structure and researching new market opportunities, always with the common internal goal to become one of the most reliable and serious Memory Brand.

S3+, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

I’m Alberto Salpietro, CEO of S3Plus Technologies SA, Mother company of S3+ group.