Always focused on the world of PC components, S3 + offers RAM, SSD and FLASH CARD (MicroSD) memories designed for gamers and enthusiasts all over the world. Today the range consists of products for desktop gaming PCs that are characterized by high performance and the presence of RGB lighting, and the brand new PLAY + external SSD born on the wave of the success of the new PlayStation®5 console to which the new MicroSD for Nintendo Switch™ and Nintendo SwitchLite.



S3 + has designed an external SSD that offers huge capacities and the ideal performance for PS5 ™, so you can not only keep your favorite games, but also install new ones.

S3 + PLAY + combines design and functionality. The casing combines elegance and performance, and fits perfectly with the new PS5 console. PLAY + is plug-and-play and is extremely compact, very easy to carry, even in a jeans pocket.

Connect the S3+ PLAY + to your game console. With up to 1TB of storage capacity, you’ll never have to delete files to make room for new games.



The NVMe S3 + ® DRAGONHEART SSD offers extreme performance to gaming enthusiasts and all those users looking for a high performance solution to assemble or upgrade their PC. Thanks to its impressive performance, the DRAGONHEART SSD is second to none and is capable of giving gaming users an unprecedented gaming experience. The compact M.2 format offers greater flexibility, increasing storage while saving physical space.




Designed for performance enthusiasts, S3 + ® Gaming Memory delivers faster speeds, lower latencies and increased bandwidth for reliable, flawless performance. Available with heat diffuser, with or without LED, also RGB. 






With the S3 + PLAY + microSD for Nintendo, you’ll be able to keep your favorite digital games in one place and you’re ready to play anytime.