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Smartphone Memory

16GB - 32GB

S3+® Smartphone Memory is the universal adapter, with patented technology, that allows to share and save data in iOS, Mac, Android and Windows. MicroSD slot for data transfer in read and write (up to 256GB). Lightning connector with Apple Mfi certification for maximum compatibility with iPhone, iPod and iPad. USB 3.0 connector for use on any PC. Hidden MicroUSB connector for compatibility with Android systems. The dedicated APP allows you to take photos and shoot videos, with direct saving on MicroSD. It also allows you to read Word, Excel, PDF and Keynote files and to play 4K MOV, MP4, MKV, PNG, JPG files directly from MicroSD. Sold in bundles with 16GB MicroSD Class 10.

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Hiding behind, no longer being

The design of Smartphone memory solves the problem of collision between mobile device and accessories. The J-type design and rotation lightning part allow you to move your device at will when transferring data without worrying about Lightning joints damaged from collision.

​Twist at you will
Twist your S3+ Smartphone Memory lightly. The unique J-type design allows this product to stay behind iPhone and iPad. S3+ smartphone Memory won’t be a bother when you use your phone watching video and listening to music.

Reserved Space

The J-type structure of Smartphone Memory reserves enough space for cases. Not only fit in normal hard cases, Smartphone Memory is also compatible to soft cases, battery cases, and thick military standard case. They can be easily used with the S3+ Smartphone Memory.

The biggest challenge is to make Smartphone Memory be able to rotate. The structure has to be able to withstand greater stress; otherwise, the connection part would be easy to break. With many efforts, S3+ Smartphone Memory finally hit the market.

Three Connector - Three Kinds of Devices

The S3+ smartphone Memory integrates three commonly used interfaces in one device, including Apple Lightning, microUSB and USB3.1. It can easily support whether Mac, iOS, Windows or Android devices.

Your important official data, memories, and videos can be transferred and backup quickly and easily between devices. With the S3+ Smartphone memory, you will never be bothered by the problem of data transferring among different platforms.

The bridge between iOS and Android (micro USB)

Who says that it’s impossible to transfer files quickly between iOS and Android devices?

With three connectors, the S3+ smartphone Memory becomes a bridge between USB3.1, microUSB and Lightning. Besides, it can be both a card reader and storage product.

Best quality comes from strict examinations

Our factory passed the BSMI’s test done by Ministry of Economic Affairs, including factory quality and quality control. The Smartphone Memory went through these tests and this ensures the production process standard.

MFi is accessories identification of Apple. The full name of MFi is “Made for iPhone/iPad”. All tested produces will be sent to Apple factory for different tests, and S3+ smartphone Memory passed this test. This means, S3+ smartphone Memory is recognized by Apple Inc.

APP for iPhone User

U-Drive, available on Apple Store and free to use, is a good assistant for you to arrange and back up data.


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● 3-Ways share & backup across iOS Mac /Android(Micro USB) /Windows
● APPLE MFi-certified
● Micro SD card slots for Read & Write transfer
● Support video playback and backup
● Support multiple formats of videos, photos , RAW files, music, and document
● Support memory card capacity up to 256GB ● Free data management App

Technical features
Interface Lightning / Micro USB / USB3.1(Gen1)
Slots MicroSD
Supported Memory Card MicroSD
Speed USB 3.1(Gen1): 90MB/s Read, 15MB/s Write
Lightning: 30MB/s read, 15MB/s write
Capacity 16GB / 32GB
Color Gray
Dimensions(L x W x H) 62 x 22 x 10mm
Weight 10g
Supported Devices/Compatibility iPhone (iPhone 5 or later)
iPad (iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini)
iPod series
Windows Vista/7/8/10/10.8, Linux
Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Mac OS 10.6 or later ; iOS 9, 10, 11
Warranty 2 years


Download the Data Sheet S3+ Smartphone Memory in Italian
Download the Data Sheet S3+ Smartphone Memory in English