Flash Memories & SSD / Pen Drive The S3+® USB Flash drives from are a fast and convenient way to save and transport your data. They have high-speed transfer and capacity enough to store your most important personal files such as photos, video, and data.

USB 2.0


With capacities till 64GB the Pen Drive S3+® are able to meet any storage need.

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USB 3.0

Luna, Zeus

Pen Drive S3+® with USB 3.0 interface allows you to store, transfer and share up to 128GB of music, photos and videos. Our models are the ideal companions for everyday use in the office, at home, at school and wherever you want to bring your data.

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USB 3.1 Type C

Designed for smartphones, tablets and computers with the new USB Type-C port, the S3+® USB 3.1 Pen drives take advantage of high speed up to 150 MB/s for ultra-fast transfers. The reversible connector has a design that is always facing the right side, making insertion quick and easy.