Are you a multifaceted gamer who plays on multiple fronts? Would you like to install more games on your console but don’t have more space available? The latest update from Sony PS5 allows you to expand the capacity of the console through the use of external USB storage. S3 + has designed an external SSD that offers huge capacities and the ideal performance for PS5 ™, so you can not only keep your favorite games, but also install new ones.


Compatible with a wide range of devices

Increase storage capacity on virtually any computer, tablet, phone or console. Works with Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, PS4 & 5 and Xbox.

PS5, PS4 and Xbox One

Increase storage space on PS5, PS4 and Xbox One

Connect the S3+ PLAY + to your game console. With up to 1TB of storage capacity, you’ll never have to delete files to make room for new games.

Style & Design

S3 + PLAY + combines design and functionality. The casing combines elegance and performance, and fits perfectly with the new PS5 console. PLAY + is plug-and-play and is extremely compact, very easy to carry, even in a jeans pocket.

Technical specifications

PLAY PLUS – 256/512 / 1TB