Designed for performance enthusiasts, S3 + ® Gaming Memory delivers faster speeds, lower latencies and increased bandwidth for reliable, flawless performance. Available with heat diffuser, with or without LED, also RGB.


No matter you are a PC modding enthusiast, an overclocking fan, or you are building a gaming PC, DRAGONHEART DDR4 RGB S3 + ® memory will not disappoint you. Compatibility with the latest Intel and AMD platforms guarantees maximum performance and perfect stability. Available in dual channel kits of 8, 16 and 32GB with a maximum frequency of 4133MHz.


DRAGONHEART S3 + ® RGB DDR4 Memory is engineered and extensively tested to be fully compatible with the latest Intel and AMD platforms, ensuring ideal performance for gaming, video editing and rendering. Support for Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) 2.0 standard makes overclocking instant and improves system stability. Just load the predefined profiles using the BIOS or specific application provided by the PC or motherboard manufacturer.

Avant-garde and aggressive design

The DDR4 RGB S3 + ® DRAGONHEART memories, with their unique design, give the PC an extra touch of style, thanks to the aggressive heatsink and the RGB LED bar.


The DRAGONHEART series memories use only the highest quality major chips and undergo a rigorous selection process that guarantees reliability and durability. The custom designed heatsink features a design that offers better signal transfer quality and, at the same time, greater stability.